Working from home

Whit the current situation thanks to the COVID-19 a lot of people started to work from home and other people just don’t have the opportunity to work from home risking their health to get money, but talking about the people working from home the majority don’t have experience with that making works a little bit more challenging and more time consuming, but talking with my experience working from home with other people is not as bad as the majority would think, first you can communicate with your team using some online tools like Zoom, Skype, Discord, etc…, and use some tools for working together like google drive or in the part of code using different git pages like GitHub or Bit-bucket that let you modify different files and share it with your team with another benefits, another advantage of working from home is that you can administrate your time as you want and doing some things you like in the time you take a break.

Working from home have a lot of advantages and commodities but it also have some disadvantages, for example in my experience working from home sometimes in the reunions online we have different technical problems like for example audio, or the internet of someone was slow at the moment or in my case my internet went down for two days so I have to go to a coffee store and work from there, but these problems were uncommon.

One of the main thing mentioned in the podcast that I have experienced myself is that some people wants to maintain their privacy at home, so when someone insist on turn on your webcam those people feel uncomfortable about different factors like the size of their house or apartment, their children or even the conversations of their family on the background if is the case

Another aspect that I consider important and is mentioned in the podcast is trust between the team, when I was working from home I was doing my job trusting that the other person in my team was working on his respective part and we always contact each other when we have questions about something or we couldn’t solve a bug or a problem in the code, so we always were connected and asking in that way we create trust and we work fine.

Now talking about the people that don’t have the opportunity of working from home I agree in the part that they need to take all precautions necessary to not get sick and being conscious about the situation and how even if they are not really that affected by the COVID-19 avoid doing all they can to prevent spreading it to vulnerable people.


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