Tools for V&V

Today I am going to talk about an important topic for every software engineer and is to have a version control for all your programs you are working on, why? well let’s find out.

Have you ever been on a situation when your code was working good but when you start creating new features you did something and now your program is not working as intended? Well even if you are working alone a version controller is very useful, thanks to a version controller you can prevent this accidents uploading the version that was working and if you do something wrong while modifying your code you can always go back to the old version without having to spend a lot of time trying to make your code run as before.

Another advantage of using Version controllers is that it makes a lot easier collaboration with others, you can be working in one file while another person create and modify another file and when you finish and the other person as well instead of sending the files you just upload those changes to the version controller and everyone can see your changes and download them in their local copy much faster than sending the files by mail.

Now before continue with what you can do with a version controllers I would like to recommend some, so you can start by downloading a version controller called git, you can download it here:, when you install this, now you have to decide which platform you want to upload your project, the main I use is called GitHub.

With Github you can create repositories, where you can upload your files and share them with others, private or public. This tool have many options, you can create different branches where you can make some changes, normally this branches are used to implement a new feature and when this feature is ready you can push it back to the main workflow and then pass it to production.

GitHub also have some other features like checking for security vulnerabilities if you are using a third party library, this is very useful so you can check if you can use another library or update your dependencies and in this way improve your code security, also you can check who made some changes and if your repo is public you can setup the repo to accept request to change the code and before accepting the changes you can see what changes were made and if those changes are useful for your project and then accept them.

And finally the most important reason, it is required it almost all the jobs at the moment, that’s because when you start working as a software developer, always all the time you will be working with a team, and that’s why is very important to learn how to use GitHub that is one of the popular options at the moment and thrust me it will be a very helpful tool even if you are still in school and you are working in some projects with your team, it can make the work easier to integrate and faster.


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