Software review

Software review is useful to validate the quality, functionality and features and components of the software. Software review consists of testing the product and making sure that it meets the requirements stated by the client.

Some reasons to consider software review important are:

  • It helps to get clarity in the initial states of the product.
  • Helps to plan testing time and costs.
  • It helps to reduce the number of bugs in the final software.
  • It helps to reduce cost because bugs found in earlier stages are cheaper to fix.

Types of software review

Software Peer Review: As the name said, this type of review is when two developers examine or resolve defects in the code. Normally in this type of review you can have pair programming this is when two developers code together an in this way they can prevent bugs while programming. Another type of peer review is called Walkthrough:
where members of the development team are guided by the author and other interested parties and the participants ask questions and make comments about defects.

Software Management Review:

It evaluate the work status, this is a systematic evaluation of a software acquisition, supply, development, operation and maintenance, this is helpful to monitor progress and determine the status of the work, what is done, what is remaining, how much time is left, confirm requirements made by the client, and check if the resources are being used in the best way possible and make changes to improve this in case of find areas of improvement.

Software Audit Review:

This type of review is the one I have experienced before and consists of a group of people external to the project that review the code or the product to see if the software meets the specifications made by the client of find unexpected behaviour, this thanks that they are not familiarize with the software they are using, so they can find a bug doing something different that someone that knows the software.


Software review is a very important part of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), is very useful to eliminate some errors at early stages of the development, some version controllers have tools that can help you with software review for example GitHub, where you can start a conversation in the repository about a bug or an error found in the code and make a pull request fixing the problem and the person in charge of the repository review the solution and give an answer, if you are interested on how you can make code reviews in GitHub you can read their documenatation about how it works here .


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